Bare Knuckle Flex Handlebar Risers 1000-Mile Thrash Test

When Paul from Bare Knuckle Performance first told me about this riser design I was impressed. Having one single set of modular handlebar risers converting to both straight and pullbacks in a matter minutes was a pretty cool thing.

When Paul offered to send VTV a set to test I was pretty excited. I ended up ordering a set of 10-inch Flex risers in black for a set of 1 1/8-inch handlebars. Initially I was impressed by the simplicity of them as well as the quality CNC-machined finish and craftsmanship. The Flex risers are 100-USA made (even the hardware). They have a keyed design that is held into place with one socket cap “through bolt” per side. To change the Bare Knuckle risers from straight to pullbacks you just remove the socket head (aka allen) through bolt first. After that, slide the top part of the riser off of the lower part and flip it around. Then reinstall the socket head through bolt back in and you are ready to ride.

Bare Knuckle Flex Handlebar Risers

The top clamp I picked for my Flex riser system was a one piece design. There are two-piece variants are available too. The single-piece top clamp held the new 1 1/8-inch Oversized Biltwell Tracker bars on the project #VTVsoftail firmly in place via four ARP 12-point bolts. We installed the Flex Risers onto the bike with a set of Alloy Art Gooden Tite riser bushings. And yes, we will also be having a TMTT test on these parts too. The riser bushings ensure that the new bars and Flex Risers attach securely to the 2019 Harley-Davidson Softail’s top tree.

Bare Knuckle Flex Handlebar Risers

After the first 100-plus ride we checked all of our work. Nothing came loose or changed in any sort of way. But out came the torque wrench nonetheless just to make sure. After the next 500 miles we encountered zero issues with the risers in the straight position. So now it was time to convert the risers in the laid back position. We pulled the bars off, took our allen socket wrench to the Flex Risers, converted the bars, and had them back in place in less than 5 minutes.

Bare Knuckle Flex Handlebar Risers

In my personal usage with the Flex Risers for well over 100 miles I has zero issues with them in either position. They were a good height for me and I found that I liked them in the straight position more than having them pulled back. But I am not the tallest person at 5-foot 10-inches. I guess I just like to be stretched out a bit more.

When I loaned the bike out to a smaller person, swapping the risers into pullback mode let them ride the bike more comfortably. Also, many people hit me up regarding how safe and/or secure the convertible Flex risers are. I have to tell you that with their keyed “slide in” design, coupled with the through bolts being properly torqued, I believe these are just as strong as any other aluminum risers I have ever used.

All in all the Bare Knuckle Performance Flex Riser system was a hit with me. They are built great, offer something different, work really well, and look good doing it.

Bare Knuckle Flex Handlebar Risers

If you want a set of these risers of your own, find out more here.

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