Drag Specialties 3/4 Solo Seat

Drag Specialties new 3/4 Solo Seat is kinda like a 3/4 helmet. It’s more than a solo but not a full two-up saddle, either. That’s because the point wasn’t to give an assless passenger adequate sitting space.* It’s to give your spine additional support above and beyond that of a normal solo seat.

drag specialties 3/4 solo seat
Seat base is ABS thermoformed for a perfect fit and includes a carpeted bottom and rubber bumpers to protect the motorcycle’s paint.

These new Drag Specialties seats are constructed from molded polyurethane foam that offers the maximum in comfort and styling, while also providing better leg clearance and 3¼” back support. The high-quality automotive-grade vinyl cover is available in five variations: smooth, double diamond stitch with black thread, double diamond stitch with silver thread, double diamond stitch with red thread and distressed brown leather. The 3/4 Solo is available for 04-20 XL models. Its suggested retail ranges from $211.95 – $258.95. For more information, visit their website or talk to your local Drag Specialties dealer.

*Gluteus minimus is a terrible condition but there is help. Most cases can be treated with a mix of cheeseburgers, fries, and squats.

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