H-D LiveWire Dual Saddle | Corbin

H-D LiveWire owners want options just as much as the next Harley owner. That’s why Corbin came out with a Dual Saddle for ’em.

H-D LiveWire

Its seating area distributes body weight ergonomically over a greater area than the stocker. Corbin says this provides longer-range support and eliminates hot spots. The neutralized seating platform helps hold your body in place and curbs sliding in the saddle. That also helps to relieve rider fatigue by taking pressure off your wrists and knees.

Additionally, Corbin offers a heated version for chilly morning rides. They incorporated a heater unit under the leather seating and a switch on the left side. That way you can turn it on without removing your hand from the throttle. Just flip the switch and the seat warms up and maintains temperature automatically. Corbin’s heater comes pre-installed in the saddle. You need only integrate the included pigtail into the electrical system. The single switch controls both rider and passenger seat heating.

Corbin’s saddle mounts similar to stock and includes hardware on the saddle so it’s ready for immediate installation. If you opt for electric heat, a special wiring pigtail will also be included to integrate with your bike. Get the H-D LiveWire Dual Saddle here.

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