MJK Performance Bagger

Say you were an ex road racer who started building A-level choppers then decided to one day throw a leg over a bagger on a whim. Then that bagger and it’s faults were all you could think about until one day you were so compelled to buy one, blow it apart, and design a line of cutting edge parts for H-D touring bikes.  Well that is how the story of Dale Yamada and MJK performance happened. Dale and his crew have been designing and CNC-machining up a line of parts that are nothing short of monumental. Think of this bike as a GP Race bike with an H-D motor and carbon fiber bags. This machine has so many badass performance parts on it that it will make you head spin. We were lucky enough to con Dale to let us shoot this bike at Sturgis on a dirt road. Both of which Dale was apprehensive about.

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