MotoFAK-Emergency Motorcycle Tool Kit

The MotoFAK is a legit first aid kit for your motorcycle. The kit comes in a Mil-Spec pouch and is full of essentials such as Lithium Ion battery jumper kit with built-in flashlight and phone/tablet charging cable, a set of ball-end hex keys, set of Torx keys, an adjustable wrench, a multi-bit T-handle screwdriver, a set of multi-tool pliers w/wire cutters, a set of Champion RA8HC spark plugs, a roll of electrical tape, 24” length of wire, 18AWG, Insulated butt connectors, 15A mini fuse, a mini tire pressure gauge, Heavy duty cable ties, and an 8-foot length of 550 paracord. When the shit goes down, be ready with a MotoFAK kit.

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