Petersen Museum Exhibit Features Custom Electric Motorcycles

The Petersen Automotive Museum’s latest exhibit will feature innovative electric motorcycles made by cutting-edge designers. Opening on April 14, 2022, in the Richard Varner Family Gallery, the unique “Electric Revolutionaries” collection looks at the ground-breaking creations at the forefront of the ever-expanding electric motorcycle industry.

electric motorcycles killajoule streamliner

Electric Motorcycles On Display

Highlights of the new exhibition include “KillaJoule.” It’s the land speed racer that made Eva Hakansson the fastest woman on an electric motorcycle with a run of 240.7 mph. Built by Hakansson and her husband at home and with a limited budget, “KillaJoule” is the fastest sidecar streamliner ever, regardless of engine type. Other custom creations include the innovative solar-powered  “Solar Scooter” and “Solar Rickshaw” created by Samuel Aboagye. The Ghanaian teenager constructed both using only salvaged, discarded, and recycled materials. The intricately designed and exquisitely crafted “The One” by Curtiss Motors also makes its debut. Conceptualized by JT Nesbitt, “The One” features a retro-futuristic design and quality of construction usually only found on hypercars.

Hugo Eccles’ “XP Zero”
Photo by Petersen Automotive Museum/Ted7

A follow-up to the Petersen Museum’s popular first-ever electric motorcycle exhibit, “Electric Revolution” in 2019, the new display features over 25 unique custom electric motorcycles. It’s guest curated by Motor/Cycle Arts Foundation Co-Founder Paul d’Orleans. “I’m super excited to assemble this wildly diverse collection of EV pioneers. ‘Electric Revolutionaries’ really does represent the range of interest in an electric future, from a humble teen in Ghana making EVs from scrap, to genius artisans building conceptual and boundary-pushing designs, to speed demons and global superstar designers interested in pushing mobility into the green zone,” said d’Orleans. “Electric Revolutionaries” is produced by the Motor/Cycle Arts Foundation and Sasha Tcherevkoff. It has support from LiveWire and Damon Motorcycles as a contributing sponsor.

curtiss electric motorcycles studio shot
Curtiss Motors’ “The One”
Photo by Petersen Automotive Museum/Ted7

But Wait, There’s More

“It is incredible how far electric motorcycles have come in the short time from our first exhibit in 2019,” said Petersen Automotive Museum Executive Director Terry L. Karges. “This new display gives a unique and close-up look at the innovative machines and the creators behind them pushing the boundaries of motorcycle electrification and design. The detail, level of craftsmanship and unorthodox thinking behind these electric motorcycles make them must-sees.”

Walt Siegl’s “RONTU”
Photo by Petersen Automotive Museum/Ted7

Other notable e bikes on display include Joey Ruiter’s “NOMOTO.” It camouflages as utilitarian street furniture and his geometric “Moto Undone” concept. Also part of the exhibit is famed motorcycle designer Walt Siegl’s ultra-minimalist “RONTU.” The bike uses carbon fiber, aluminum, and a lack of body panels, slimming it to a scant 100 lbs. Hugo Eccles’ avant-garde and award-winning “XP Zero” is also displayed. It’s a radical reinterpretation of a production ZERO SR/F into a futuristic cafe racer.

Custom LiveWire by SMCO
Photo by Jose Gallina.

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