Pro-One Black Billet Calipers for 84-99 H-D Models

Old Harley-Davidsons Evos and Sportsters love more stopping power as much as the next bike. And if you own one, Pro-One Black Billet Calipers can give you that power. The company’s 4-piston billet caliper seen here is a left sider that bolts directly to your bike’s front fork leg mounts. Not only does it come in this sweet back anodized finish, it’s also available chromed (of course).

Pro One Black Billet Calipers

Four-piston calipers are great way to upgrade from the stock calipers, offering greater stopping power and a custom look in the process. The mounting holes on these measure 3-1/2-inch center to center. Chrome mounting hardware comes with them. To find out more about Pro-One Black Billet Calipers, see ’em here. Or talk to Pro One at the VTV Performance Motorcycle Show on September 5th at Four Corners.

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