S&S Cycle 129 and 132 Big Bore Kits for HD M8 engines

S&S Cycle loves raw, unadulterated thumping, makes your heart skip a beat kind of power and that’s the very stuff they specialize in. This obsession with power is further proven out by their latest efforts for the Milwaukee Eight powered Harley-Davidson models.

S&S Harley M8 big bore kit on table

Their bolt-in 129/132 Cubic Inch (that’s well over 2000cc for you metric folks) Big Bore Kits are just this side of monstrous. Taking the stock engine from a mild mannered 107 CI to a fire breathing 129 CI or the 114 CI models to 132 cubic inches of tire melting power.

Their latest is a 4.32-inch bore and is slated for 11:1 compression ratio so it’s happy with pump gas, but will still complement a high lift cam. No case mods, no engine removal; just a massive set of jugs, designed, tested, and manufactured here in the USA.  For more info and detailed specs, check the Milwaukee Eight big bore kits out here.

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