Strictly Hawgs’ Silver Surfer

I’ve been knowing the owner of this bike “Smiley” for over a year before we realized the bike was in my possession. A friend of mine had the full responsibility of overseeing the customization of this here 2014 Road King back in 2016. The initial plan was to assist him with only my advice and suggestions. I was open minded to the customization of this project not realizing that the bike actually belonged to a friend of mine. After a bit of time the middle man abandoned this project after it was in pieces and ready for paint, motor work and parts. And I haven’t heard from him since. I don’t really blame him one bit. Building a custom Bagger from the ground up ain’t no joke.

So there I was. This bike was in a thousand pieces and I had not a clue who or where the Road King’s true owner was. A few months later another mutual friend of both Smiley and myself found out where Smiley could find his bike. Thats when Smiley came by my place of business and was reunited with his bike. From there we charted the course of how the bike should properly be built and with what parts. We started from scratch and I showed him the inventory that was amassed. And of course Smiley didn’t have the parts that he thought he had.

After he calmed down, Smiley then gave me the green light to build the “Silver Surfer” you see here with my own personal touch. I assured him that even though the bike’s life so far had been a bumpy ride, that he could trust me 100-percent to build it correct. Just like I do with every single one of my customer’s bikes. Although this was not my initial project I truly enjoyed building it as well as the outcome of the completed bike. And Smiley was impressed as well. Making my mission complete.


Owner- Smiley

Shop- Strictly Hawgs

Year/Make/Model- 2014/H-D/Road King

Fabrication- Strictly Hawgs

Build Time- 11 Months


Year- 2016

Type- Twin Cam

Size- 110ci

Builder- Strictly Hawgs

Cases- H-D

Cylinders- H-D

Heads- Branch

Rocker Boxes- H-D

Cams- Feuling .574

Throttle Body- H-D

Air Cleaner- Arlen Ness

EFI Controller- Vance & Hines

Exhaust- Magnaflow


Year- 2014

Type- H-D

Gears- H-D

Clutch- AIM

Primary Drive- H-D


Year/Type- 2014/H-D

Rake/Stretch- Stock


Frontend- H-D

Length- Stock

Triple Trees- H-D

Swingarm- H-D

Rear Shocks- Progressive 440



Builder/Size- Primo/23×3.50

Tire/Size- Avon/130-60-23

Calipers- Arlen Ness

Rotors- Primo 11.8


Builder/Size- Primo/18×5.50

Tire/Size- Avon/180-55-18

Caliper- H-D

Rotor- Primo

Pulley- H-D


Paint Manufacturer- House of Kolor

Colors Used- A bunch

Painter- John at Dreamscape

Graphics- John at Dreamscape

Plating- H-D

Polishing- None

Powdercoating- Specialized


Nacelle- Bad Dad

Front Fender- Fat Kats

Rear Fender- H-D

Gas Tank- H-D

Dash- H-D

Gauges – H-D

Handlebars- Triple OG’s

Grips- Arlen Ness

Mirrors- Nope

Hand Controls- H-D

Foot Controls- H-D

Floorboards- Arlen Ness

Pegs- Arlen Ness

Headlight- Performance Machine

Taillight – Custom Dynamics

Turn Signals- Alloy Art

License Mount- H-D

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