Alpinestars Tech-Air 5 Gets Upgrades

Alpinestars Tech-Air 5 autonomous, electronic Airbag System provides upper body airbag coverage for motorcyclists. The Tech-Air 5 fits under any properly fitting motorcycling jacket or leather suit. It’s engineered to protect motorcycle riders’ shoulders, chest, ribs and full back, both on the road and at the track. Tech-Air 5 features built-in Bluetooth connectivity, displaying the Tech-Air 5 operational status, battery status, as well as a detailed map of their ride on their mobile phone directly via the Tech-Air App. The Tech-Air 5 firmware can also be updated directly via the App. 

Alpinestars announces the new RACE Riding Mode. It’s available as part of the newest Tech-Air 5 software release update.  In addition to motorcyclists riding protected during their daily commute, the new feature offers riders a RACE Riding Mode for closed-course racetracks.  The newly released Tech-Air App functionality switches easily between STREET and RACE Riding Modes. 

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Alpinestars Tech-Air 5: New RACE Riding Mode

Tech-Air 5 comes pre-loaded with the STREET Riding Mode. Riders interested in using the RACE mode must first update the Tech-Air App to the latest version. Normally this happens automatically, unless you have disabled automatic App updates.  Next, riders update their Tech-Air 5 software to the newest software release via the settings in the Tech-Air App. Once they’ve turned on Tech-Air 5 and paired their system with the App, they go to Settings and update the system software. 

As soon as you install the new Tech-Air 5, you see a new option in the App Settings called Riding Modes. Upon selecting Riding Modes, riders see that the STREET mode selected as the default riding mode. To change from STREET to RACE mode, select RACE mode and save it. Now the Tech-Air 5 Airbag System is set for the desired RACE Riding Mode. Note that RACE Riding Mode must only be used for riding on closed racetracks and not used for any other type of riding.

Always remember to change back from RACE Riding Mode to STREET mode before leaving the track. The company developed the Tech-Air RACE Riding Mode for racetrack conditions and the racing circuit riding style. The STREET Riding Mode is for street riding conditions where motorcyclists stop at traffic lights and intersections. Always set STREET riding mode for street riding and only use RACE Riding Mode for closed-course racetrack riding.


New Inflators Service

In addition to the new software release and RACE Riding Mode, Alpinestars launched a new inflators service. Now riders can purchase an Inflators Only option for $179 which includes the replacement of the two argon canisters.  This service is available at Alpinestars’ Tech-Air Servicing. It’s also coming soon to Certified Tech-Air Service Centers. Alpinestars also certified the Tech-Air 5 Airbag System to withstand at least three deployments. After that the airbag sack must be substituted and a full service completed.  The full service includes the inspection, Tech-Air 5 cleaning, airbag replacement, and replacing the two inflators also.


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