Bell Helmets-SRT Modular Helmet

Bell Helmets has debuted the all-new SRT Modular helmet, This skid lid is constructed from a lightweight fiberglass material with recessed speaker pockets to allow riders to use variety of communication devices and headphones.

This helmet comes with a bunch of features such as a ProTint shield with Panovision with Class-1 Optics. The ProTint shield is Bell’s first ever proprietary photochromatic shield meaning that its self-adjusts to various changes in lighting conditions. Say goodbye to swapping shields when the sun goes away!

Another feature of the SRT is that it houses an integrated drop-down sun shield, which unlike most other helmets it is usable in both full face and ‘flip up’ modes. And it’s eyewear compatible for you four-eyed folks.

The SRT comes in sizes XS thru XXXL, goes for $350 bucks, and comes in a slue of different color combos as well as a matte and gloss black.

For more info hit them up at:

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