Cardo announces Freecom+ communication systems

Cardo Systems, the global market leader in wireless communication systems for motorcyclists, today unveiled the redesigned FREECOM+ line. Available at specialty retailers and The Cardo FREECOM 4+, FREECOM 2+ and FREECOM 1+ deliver new premium features to the four-way rider-to-rider, rider-to-passenger and single-rider categories while maintaining an affordable price point for the best-performing Bluetooth communication systems in the world. Announced at EICMA in November, the FREECOM 4+ adds new value to midrange Bluetooth motorcycle communication systems, with premium features such as Natural Voice Operation and JBL Sound. Utilizing a new, redesigned shell, FREECOM 4+ sports a cutting-edge aerodynamic and ergonomic design with a razor-thin and clickable roller wheel.

FREECOM 4+ single sound profile offers the purest audio experience designed and perfected in JBL’s Los Angeles audio labs. Natural voice-command operation allows riders to simply say, “Hey Cardo” without having to press any buttons, and the always-on device reacts instantaneously. Additionally, the technology seamlessly integrates with Apple’s Siri™ and “OK Google”™ voice-command platforms. Cardo FREECOM 2+ adds range to the two-way rider-to-rider category with a 500m/0.3mi bike-to bike intercom. Cardo FREECOM 1+, the redesign of the world’s best selling single rider Bluetooth headset, adds rider-to-passenger capabilities at the same price point for an incredible entry-level package.


“Our goal is to enhance the riding experience through advance technology across all product lines and offer the best-in-class Bluetooth communication system, at a reasonable price”said Dr. Abraham Glezerman, founder and CEO of Cardo Systems. “The redesigned and reloaded FREECOM+ lineup offers riders improved way to communicate with a product they already know and trust.”

FREECOM 4+ ($249.95 MSRP Single) The FREECOM 4+ represents all of PACKTALK’s premium features in a Bluetooth system to create the best Bluetooth communication device in the world. Connect one to four riders with up to three-fourths mile range, experience Sound by JBL and easy-to-use natural voice operation, Bluetooth 4.1, and universal connectivity.

FREECOM 2+ ($169.95 MSRP Single) FREECOM 2+ adds more punch with true rider-to-rider capabilities. Connect one to two riders with one-third mile two-way intercom, Bluetooth 4.1, immersive sound from 40mm HD speakers, and universal connectivity.

 FREECOM 1+ ($139.95 MSRP Single) FREECOM 1+ is the world’s most advanced single-rider Bluetooth headset now with rider-to-passenger functionality. The system features immersive sound with 40mm speakers, Bluetooth 4.1 and universal connectivity.

Cardo Connect™ is Cardo’s new intuitive mobile app for setting and controlling the entire FREECOM+ and PACKTALK line of devices on the road. Its clean, clear and contemporary design make it easy to use and the riding mode includes all essential functions for a smooth user experience. All Cardo units are IP-67 waterproof, not simply water-resistant like lesser communicators, and all feature a two-year warranty and a U.S.-based customer-support system.

You can find more information about Cardo Systems at Also visit us and join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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