Cardo Coaches: Deals and Promos for Motorcycle Coaches and Instructors

Cardo Systems announces Cardo Coaches,’ an opt-in resource that increases accessibility for Cardo products among motorcycle and powersports instructors. Taking center stage of the Cardo Coaches program is Cardo’s industry-leading PACKTALK BOLD and all-new PACKTALK Headphones, which delivers seamless, real-time two-way communication.


By joining Cardo Coaches, coaches and instructors will receive 20% off a PACKTALK bundle, which includes the new PACKTALK Headphones with either a solo PACKTALK BOLD unit or the PACKTALK BOLD DUO set.  Approved participants will also have access to exclusive discounts, special promotions, insights to new product prior to launch, and other features. To apply, go here. Each entry will be reviewed and approved prior to gaining access to the VIP benefits.

“We’re excited to introduce our coach’s program and welcome coaches and instructors all over the world into the Cardo family,” said Dan Emodi, Chief Marketing Officer for Cardo Systems. “With the Cardo Coaches program, we now make Cardo’s industry-leading products even more accessible to coaches and their students. The Cardo PACKTALK Headphones eliminate unwanted downtime and maximize each training season by allowing coaches to provide in-the-moment feedback directly into the student’s helmet.”

When designing the PACKTALK Headphones, Cardo worked closely with a number of industry professionals from around the world to gather valuable, real-world feedback. For Ricky Carmichael, the PACKTALK Headphones proved to be a true game-changer in his Camp Carmichael sessions.

“At the 2019 Monster Energy Cup we all saw first-hand the real value and incredible benefits of mechanic-to-rider communication,” said Ricky Carmichael, Motocross Legend and Coach at the Goat Farm. “Since then, I have implemented Cardo as a standard into my Ricky Carmichael University coaching sessions. Not only is it incredibly efficient, but the students take to the coaching tips more seamlessly, as I can pinpoint the exact moment during their ride to provide my feedback and direction. Cardo’s headphones will revolutionize motorcycle coaching and training and add an extra layer of safety to all events where it is used.”


Cardo PACKTALK Headphones

Launched last month, Cardo’s PACKTALK Headphones feature noise-canceling earmuffs and a boom mic for crystal-clear communication. A built-in Cardo cradle allows users to conveniently transfer their PACKTALK unit from their helmet to their headphones. Once transferred, the PACKTALK operates just as though it was locked in on the side of the helmet – allowing coaches to give real time feedback, creating what all coaches want and desire, a more efficient and constructive coaching session.

Pairing with the PACKTALK Headphones are Cardo’s top-of-the-line PACKTALK BOLD and BLACK models. Featuring Cardo’s industry-leading Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC), each PACKTALK model offers a ‘set and forget it’ mesh intercom connection of up to 15 individuals. Once paired within the always-on network, users will automatically reconnect each time the units are on and within range. In addition, Cardo’s proprietary Natural Voice Operation provides an easy, hands-free experience, while each model’s waterproof design and 13-hour battery life provide supreme durability and unmatched dependability.

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