ColorRite Partners with SprayMax

ColorRite is excited to announce its partnership with SprayMax to offer new and improved aerosol products. 

ColorRite is continually dedicated to enhancing its product lineup, resulting in a significant advancement that ensures an elevated customer experience.


The new products include:

• New and improved aerosol can that offers a consistent and reliable spray

• Stronger and more durable 1K clear coat

• Brand New 2K Gloss Clear gives the customer the best looking and strongest finish.

• Brand New 2K Matte or Eggshell Clear Coat in an aerosol can to give that matte finish.

• ColorRite’s own Wax and Grease Remover

• ColorRite’s own Plastic Adhesion Promoter to help paint adhere to plastic parts

• Brand New Spot Blender is a special product for homogenous paint transitions

• New and improved gray primer

For more information on ColorRite and its products Click Here

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