Cometic Gaskets for Harley-Davidson Engines

Let’s discuss the quality and design of Cometic Gasket’s line of V-Twin gaskets, which are made to perform better than most stock and aftermarket offerings.

Cometic makes gaskets for a ton of Harley-Davidson applications. The company also uses reinforced gasket material compounds like armor-clad, graphite, and galvanized steel. All of which are also constructed for sealing irregular surfaces, like, say those in an engine.

cometic gaskets

They designed their Armor Ply as a high-performance metal reinforced gasket material for sealing irregular surface flanges in high heat applications. It features a steel layer on one side with a graphite layer on the other and a fiber layer between.

The Armor Clad version differs from the Armor Ply a bit. It features a steel layer on one side with a graphite layer on the other and a fiber layer between. Like the Armor Ply, it’s also made for irregular surfaces and high heat. Cometic recommends it for exhausts and turbo flanges.

cometic gaskets

The HTS Fiber gaskets feature a graphite/fiber blend. It’s mechanically bonded to a perforated stainless steel core. The facing material features 75% graphite with Kevlar fiber reinforcements for strength and durability. Unlike the armored versions above which top out at 1200F, HTS Fiber runs to a short duration max temp of 1400F. Cometic advises using HTS Fiber for intakes, exhausts, and turbochargers.

Cometic Gaskets CFM-20 packs a tanged and galvanized steel core. The asbestos-free soft material compound contains aramid fibers, inorganic fillers, and high-grade binder elastomers. All applied to both sides of the core. Find your Harley gasket on the company website.

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