Dangerboy Components Pullin’ Teeth Chain Conversion Kit and Other Big News!

Welcome to upgraded power. Our Pullin’ Teeth Chain conversion kit is built to stand up to all the abuse your motor throws at it. We’ve made our rear sprocket out of nitrated steel so you’re not running through teeth once a season. 

Dangerboy Components

This kit features: our retro designed rear sprocket, mounting hub spacer, a PBI front drive sprocket, a top of the line RK 530 chain (available in multiple colours), and of course mounting hardware. Let’s talk about our rear sprocket for a second. Our spacer hub was designed taking torque into consideration. We run our hardware through the hub and also use pressed in dowels from the hub to rear sprocket in order to minimize stress on the mounting bolts. 

All of these little details leave you with a strong product. This kit fits 02-17 Harley Davidson Dynas, and 17 and up Low Riders. Keep in mind when ordering, 24 tooth count in the front and 51 tooth count in the rear is closest to a belt driven stock bike . 

When choosing your rear sprocket, a lower tooth count will bring more top end speed, while a higher tooth count will bring a larger top end torque (for wheelies… but we don’t condone that sort of stuff here). 

All kits are sent with a diagram of torque specs and install instructions but, you should always consult your local dealer. We have to say this for legal reasons, and no we don’t mean your pot guy.

Dangerboy Components


Dangerboy has acquired Tooth N Nail Industries (Instagram: tn_industries) another Canadian component designer and manufacturer of precision CNC machined H-D aftermarket parts specific to H-D. This little but mighty company has a strong following of hardcore and passionate riders. The components line is diverse; Risers, Floorboards, Platform pegs, Skid Plates, and Chain Drive conversion kits, etc.

These components will be provided a slight refresh under the Dangerboy brand while homage will be given to the strong roots of Tooth N Nail Industries. With its previous Owner becoming a Partner / Shareholding in Dangerboy as well. We are firm believers that people build business not products and we will be stronger together, multiplying our efforts.

This relationship has culminated over sometime. Our plans to expand the line at the request of a now loyal and growing Dealerbase, will be enhanced / accelerated in a more efficient path; for components that have been shortlisted for production and / or resurrection.

Below are some teasers with 2.0 versions to follow as a strategic rollout takes place. In the interim existing Tooth N Nail inventory will continue to be sold and is a chance to have something nostalgic. Contact us at info@dangerboyusa.com.

Seeking Dealers and Retail Partners!

Dangerboy Components continues to grow, now being stocked and featured in over 130 and counting H-D Dealership and Customization shops and Builders. The 2024 V-Twin Visionary USA Tour has been a huge help in the process and we are privileged to be a Gold Sponsor. We are actively seeking New Exclusive Dealers / Retail Partners with a Dealer Direct approach being employed.

Contact us at www.dangerboyusa.com for more information and Dealer inquiries.

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