Drag Specialties DS3 Premium Synthetic 20W-50 Oil

Drag Specialties all new premium full synthetic oil provides long-lasting protection against engine wear. It also protects engines from sludge buildup and aids in providing maximum power output. It’s usable in all three cavities of a Harley-Davidson V-Twin, including engine, transmission and primary. With the selective additive package, this oil yields exceptional viscosity, stability, and lasting anti-oxidation.

drag specialties

Synthetic base oil provides long-lasting protection against engine wear. It also acts as outstanding protection against sludge buildup. It’s extremely shear-stable so the oil stays consistent even with gear and engine forces. The oil’s extreme pressure additives also protect gears and other engine parts. Drag says that its excellent sealing characteristics provide maximum power output as well.

Moreover, the 20W-50 oil meets all warranty performance criteria for Harley-Davidson engines and does not void new vehicle warranties. It also meets and exceeds the API CI-4/SL service rating. Drag Specialties sells it in quart and gallon bottles. Made in the U.S.A., the oil’s suggested retail is $12.95 – $46.95.

For more information contact your Drag Specialties dealer. Get the rest of the details on their website.

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