FGirdex by FG Racing Italy

FG Racing

High tech evolution of the glorious girder fork, FGirdex combines neo-retrò aesthetic and superior riding performance. Every single part that composes the forks of the FGirdex line is machined from 6082 aluminium alloy. The assembly of mobile parts is made using ball bearings, roller bearings, hardened steel bushes and 39 NCD5 steel pivots. Equipped with a pressurized shock absorber developed by FG Racing and Maselli (ex Mupo) is fully adjustable in preload, compression and rebound. FGirdex delivers a great feeling, thanks to excellent stability, precise cornering, wheelbase, and the trail is unchanged during braking and acceleration.

In the making of a FGirdex fork, great attention is paid to every single detail with processes that enhance the paths of the CNC tools and 3D copying process. Six different designs match the style of power cruisers, cafe racers, choppers, streetfighters and sportbikes, as well the high expectations of the special bikes enthusiasts.

FG Racing

Taylored on customer’s bike depending on the caliper’s brackets and stem, FGirdex forks are delivered ready to mount with a wide range of anodized finishes at customer’s choice.

100% Made in Italy.

For more information on the FGirdex CLICK HERE.

For more information on FG Racing CLICK HERE.

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