Harley-Davidson Launches H-D1 Marketplace

Harley-Davidson just dropped H-D1 Marketplace on H-D.com. It provides consumers with a comprehensive opportunity to search, experience, sell, and purchase pre-owned Harley motorcycles across North America. Backed by the strength and scale of the manufacturer’s dealer network and enhanced by the Harley-Davidson Certified program, H-D1 Marketplace facilitates seamless purchases for customers seeking a pre-owned Harley-Davidson.


Launching first in the USA, H-D1 Marketplace starts with the entire selection of pre-owned Harley-Davidson motorcycles from their participating dealer network. The bikes are available for customers to browse and customize online. Powered by H-D Financial Services, customers also get access to financing solutions, to make purchasing even easier. Through the ‘Sell My Bike’ feature, customers may sell their motorcycles directly into the Harley-Davidson dealer network.

Customer experience is also a key element of the Hardwire Strategic Plan. The concept is designed to enhance Harley’s position as one of the most desirable motorcycle brands in the world. The Hardwire puts customers at the forefront of our products, experiences and investments. Its goal is to seamlessly engage with customers, creating a meaningful, unique and personalized experience with Harley-Davidson,  every day.

H-D1 Marketplace also fulfills the Hardwire objective to include riders of pre-owned Harley-Davidson’s as an important part of the H-D customer base, recognizing their unique perspectives and contributions to the brand.

To experience and learn more about H-D1 Marketplace, visit www.H-D.com.

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