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Harley-Davidson made the Pan America 1250 and Pan America 1250 Special for explorers. Those riders seeking freedom and adventure on the road, and off-road. Naturally, Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories created luggage and other accessories to match all of that, like you do. Each was also designed to fit, feel, and integrate with the motorcycle.

harley-davidson pan america 1250

Pan America 1250 and Pan America 1250 Special Models

Harley-Davidson designed a tank bag and three different luggage systems – Sport, Aluminum and Adventure – for the Pan America 1250 and Pan America 1250 Special models. Each one made specifically for the motorcycle. Each one also supporting a different type of touring while appealing to a different rider style. Left and right side cases are sold together as a kit, while the top case is sold separately.

harley pan america special

The side cases and top case luggage are waterproof. Luggage weight capacity is 10 kg (about 22 pounds) in each of the three cases, or 30 kg (about 66 pounds) total, for each style of luggage. Top case systems support loading capacity without compromising ride, handling, or speed.

Sport Luggage:

  • This luggage set is designed primarily for on-road use by riders looking for the utility of luggage but who also value a clean look when the luggage is removed. This system also includes side cases and a top case. It’s molded of rugged composite plastic material. The kit’s smooth aesthetic also presents a clean silhouette on the motorcycle. The side cases and top case are removable once installed. Each luggage piece also sports an integrated handle for carrying when off the bike.
    • The mounts for the side cases are built into the motorcycle. Thus when the cases are removed there is no extra hardware cluttering up the style.
    • The top case requires installation of a Top Case Mounting Plate (sold separately).
    • The top case mount is designed to protect contents from shock.
    • Locks are keyed to the motorcycle ignition.
    • A gasket in the lid helps keep each case water-tight.
    • Luggage volume capacity: Right case is 36 liters, left case is 40 liters, top case is 40 liters.
    • Integrated liners are also available as an additional accessory.

Aluminum Luggage:

  • This rugged aluminum luggage is created in collaboration with SW-MOTECH and designed to protect gear and survive hard-core adventure. Each piece has been engineered and tested with the motorcycle to ensure factory-quality fit, durability and reliability, without compromising motorcycle handling or lean angle. Side cases and a top case are offered in either a painted black or a silver anodized finish. 
pan america
  • Welded construction is strong and water-tight.
  • The aluminum cases and the mounts are designed to pass rigorous tip-over tests; they may be dented but will remain functional.
  • The system has six locks – keyed the same – to lock each case closed and to lock each case to the motorcycle.
  • The cases each have integrated handles and bungee eyes, latches and corrosion-resistant stainless-steel hinges. The lids are removable and replaceable.
  • A seal in the lid helps keep each case water-tight.
  • Side cases mount to the Side Case Mounting System (sold separately) and may be installed and removed.
  • The top case requires installation of a Top Case Mounting Plate (sold separately).
  • Luggage volume capacity: Right case is 37 liters, left case is 45 liters, top case is 38 liters.

Adventure Soft Saddlebags and Duffle

  • The soft luggage line targets the off-road rider. Engineered specifically for motorcycle use, the bags are also durable and waterproof. The roll-top design and multiple compression straps allow cinching the load tightly, for flexible capacity. The bags are also reflective to enhance their visibility in low light conditions. Includes universal mounting straps. Side bags sold as a set. 
pan america soft saddlebags
  • Exterior pockets have waterproof zippers.
  • The soft luggage uses the same mounting hardware as the aluminum luggage so a rider could own both sets and interchange them.
  • Adventure Soft Saddlebags are supported by the Side Case Mounting System (sold separately).
  • The top duffel also secures to a Top Case Mounting Plate (sold separately) behind the seat or on the passenger pillion in front of a hard case.
  • Luggage volume capacity: Right bag is 30 liters, left bag is 30 liters, top duffle is 40 liters.
pan america duffle bag

Tank Bag

  • Designed specifically for Pan America 1250 and Pan America 1250 Special models, the bottom of this tank bag is co-molded to fit over the plastic cover on the top of the fuel tank.
  • A top pocket also features a touch-sensitive window that enables function of a mobile device stored in the pocket below.
  • The bag comes with a waterproof rainfly that also has a matching touch-sensitive window.
  • The interior of the bag is high-visibility orange thus facilitating the visibility of bag contents.
  • Pockets and dividers inside the bag organize contents.
  • A pocket for an auxiliary lithium battery also sits below the device pocket. It has a port for a charging cable, too.
  • The bag also features a top carry-handle.
  • A leave-behind strap to secure the bag tucks under the front of the motorcycle seat when the bag is not in place.
  • Luggage volume capacity is 8 liters and it can carry up to 5 pounds.

Additional Key Accessories for Pan America 1250 and Pan America 1250 Special Models

Reach Solo Seat: 

The Reach Solo Seat lowers seat height by one inch to adjust fit for riders of shorter stature, while retaining full functionality. This seat helps many riders get their feet down at a stop and retains the two-position adjustability feature and access to under-seat tool storage. Replaces only the rider seat position and matches the style of the original equipment seat.

Tallboy Solo Seat:

The Tallboy Solo Seat opens the hip/knee/ankle angles to adjust fit for comfort, especially over longer distances. It also offers a rider position for riders of a taller stature. Its design retains the two-position adjustability feature and access to under-seat tool storage. Replaces only the rider seat position and matches the style of the original equipment seat.

Tall Risers – Black

Tall Risers move the handlebar up and back two inches compared to the stock riser. This improves seated reach for some riders and also may improve control and comfort when the rider is standing on the foot pegs. The Tall Risers can be installed with the original equipment control cables and lines.

Center Stand

The center stand (original equipment on the Pan America 1250 Special model) supports the parked motorcycle in an upright position. With the center stand deployed the parked motorcycle takes up less space than it would leaning on its side stand, a benefit when garage space is tight. The stand also raises the rear wheel off the ground to facilitate maintenance and tire changes. The stand is pre-assembled with springs in place to facilitate installation.

80GRIT Collection – Raw or Black: 

80GRIT Collection rider and passenger foot pegs and shifter peg are available for Pan America™ 1250 and Pan America™ 1250 Special models. The lightweight aluminum material has rugged styled edges to grip the boot sole for added traction.

Screamin’ Eagle Street Cannon Muffler

This muffler is formed with a titanium shell, a carbon fiber end cap and a stainless-steel mid-pipe. It is durable and weighs 42 percent less than the original equipment on both Pan America models. The deep and sporty exhaust note is stirring but not extreme. Engineered with the motorcycle to facilitate installation.

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Screamin’ Eagle High Flow Air Cleaner

This washable and reusable performance air filter features an off-road specific filter media. Clean, dry and re-oil to remove the miles of collected dust, dirt, and debris from the filter to reuse it trip after trip. Factory engineered to be a replacement and upgrade over the original equipment air filter, it provides 9 percent more air flow to the engine than the original equipment filter to allow the engine to breathe in nearly all riding conditions.

 Steering Damper

The steering damper (original equipment on the Pan America 1250 Special model) enhances dynamic performance during off-road riding, and can improve rider confidence in challenging situations.

Michelin Anakee Wild Off-Road Tires (Front and Rear)

These knobby tires (120/70R19 Front; 170/60R17 Rear) feature a tread pattern designed to deliver off-road traction and a bold style profile. These tires may be installed on the original equipment cast aluminum wheels or the optional laced wheels. Note: Tire purchase requires a Digital Tech update by an authorized Harley-Davidson® dealer.

Laced Wheels (Front and Rear)

These laced wheels (a factory-installed option for the Pan America 1250 Special model) feature stainless steel spokes inserted through the aluminum wheel rim outside of the tire bead. The design permits the use of a tubeless tire and the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), eliminates the weight of an inner tube required in traditional laced wheels, and makes the spokes repairable in the field. These wheels give the motorcycle a look that is both rugged and high-tech.

 Brush Guard

The tubular steel Brush Guard (original equipment on the Pan America™ 1250 Special model) can protect the radiator shroud and other motorcycle components from damage due to passing brush along a trail, and in the case of a tip-over. It also gives the motorcycle a rugged look.

Radiator Shield

The mesh Radiator Shield attaches to the front of the radiator to offer additional protection from small stones and other debris when riding off-road. The Radiator Shield also gives the motorcycle a little extra rugged look. The factory-integrated design of this shield offers protection from the environment.

Skid Plate

The accessory Skid Plate replaces the original equipment skid plate for added protection from flying rocks and impacts during off-road riding. It covers more of the bottom of the motorcycle, and is made of heavier aluminum material, than the original equipment skid protection. The factory-integrated design ensures proper fit and installation.

Headlamp Guard

The mesh Headlamp Guard is designed to protect the headlamp from impact damage from rocks and other debris, and enhances its rugged styling. The factory-integrated design offers protection from the environment when riding in off-road situations.

Screamin’ Eagle Exhaust Shield Insert

The lightweight carbon fiber exhaust shield helps keep heat away from rider’s leg while aiding air flow between header and insert. Reflective heat shielding material is bonded to the backside of the insert, which mounts over the original equipment exhaust shield on both Pan America models.


Adventure windshield choices offer factory-integrated design and quality with distinctive style, and maintain the function of the height adjustment mechanism. Choose a windshield height that matches your stature for improved comfort or added protection from the elements, with tint options for a style choice.

  • Adventure Windshield 11-inch, Dark Smoke or Clear: This windshield is approximately 4.5 inches lower than the original equipment windshield and allows most riders to see over the windshield.
  • Adventure Windshield 18-inch, Clear: This windshield is approximately 2.5 inches taller than the original equipment windshield for added protection from wind, rain and road debris.
Auxiliary LED Forward Light Set

The Auxiliary LED Forward Lights deliver premium functionality. Installed as a pair, each light has three functions within one housing: fog lights, driving lights, and off-road lights (not street legal). The factory-integrated design makes them easy to install and creates a perfect fit and look.

Tactical Heated Hand Grips

Get more comfort and control with these heated grips. Heat settings are controlled with a military grade resistor, and use a thermostat to automatically monitor and adjust heat output relative to the ambient temperature. A heating element wound internally to the grips provides consistent and even heating. The grips feature a black rubber grid pattern with deep grooves that provide outstanding grip for rider comfort and confidence in most conditions. Select high, medium or low heat setting by pushing a dedicated button on the left hand control. Selected heat setting is indicated with an icon on the color display screen. The grips remain at a constant temperature regardless of changes in outside temperature, and the left and right grips are each thermostatically and independently controlled for even heat output. Switched on/off with the ignition to avoid draining the motorcycle battery. Available only for the Pan America™ 1250 Special model.

Tank Knee Pads

These self-adhesive black rubber pads feature tapered raised ridges that complement the styling of the Pan America model seat, and add traction and comfort for extra grip. The two-piece kit offers protection for surfaces where rider legs and riding gear contact the tank.

Get more details on the Pan America models and all their fixin’s on the MoCo website.

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