Hogue Knives Announces SIG Sauer Legion Series Knives

Hogue Knives is thrilled to announce the SIG SAUER LEGION Series as the newest addition to their expanding SIG line of knives. With the culmination of these new models, everyone now has the opportunity to own premier knives that complement the firearms from SIG’s exclusive LEGION™ club.

Hogue SIG Legion firearms knives
Hogue has implemented the defining features of SIG LEGION firearms to create the perfect pairing, including the identical chevron medallion, matte black hardware, checkered frame texture and grey Cerakote blade finish.

The SIG LEGION Series knife line boasts a wide array of sizes, blade shapes, frame options and mechanisms.

Hogue microflip knife
The new MicroFlip® models are the first of their kind to feature G10 scales that reduce overall weight and allow more grip than the standard anodized aluminum. Flippers, manual folders, fixed blades and tomahawks are all available within the LEGION Series line.

In addition to the specifically tailored LEGION line, Hogue has also provided an alternative with their Tactical Series line of knives.

Hogue tactical legion knife
This line includes the same SIG SAUER firearm-matching features as the LEGION line; however, a SIG logo medallion is embedded into the frame to substitute the LEGION chevron medallion.
Hogue legion hatchet
The Tactical Series line includes manual and automatic variations, as well as fixed blade and tomahawk models.

LEGION Series knives are only available retail direct from Hogue at www.hogueknives.com. SIG Tactical Series knives are available direct or through your local dealer. Every Hogue knife is made in the USA and is backed by three generations of manufacturing expertise. Hogue’s automatic knives are for sale to legally permitted users through authorized dealers only. For more information, please call Hogue directly at 1-800-438-4747 or visit www.sigknives.com.

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