Installing a Trask Turbo Kit on a Harley-Davidson Sportster

Trask Performance is well known for its turbo systems for Harley-Davidsons and this video shows how to install one on a Sportster. Stock Harley Sportsters only make about 70 horsepower. That’s all well and good when you first start riding and pick up a Sporty as your first bike.

trask turbo on harley sportster

Inevitably, though, your skillset outgrows the stocker and you’ll want more power. A custom exhaust and air cleaner fix that short term. But eventually you’ll want even more power. If you don’t want to buy a bigger bike, a Trask turbo kit is another route to go. These kits feature an internal wastegate setup and utilize a modified GT22 Turbo. Check out the install video to see what goes into putting one on your XL.

The Sportster Turbo Kits fit 2007 and newer Harley-Davidson Sportsters. Find out all about the turbo systems, including how to buy one, right here.

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