Legend Suspensions 12.5” & 13.5” Revo-A Softail Mono Coil

Legend Suspensions popular Revo-A Softail Mono Coil shock is now available in 12.5- and 13.5-inch lengths. Riders will now be able to fine-tune their motorcycle even more, whether it’s for looks or comfort. The Revo-A Softail Mono Coil, utilizing needle valve technology, has seven external knob adjustments which allow for optimum rebound performance, to adapt to your riding style.

legend suspensions softail mono shoc

The Revo-A Softail Mono Coil can be fine-tuned for rider weights, personal ride-quality preference, or personal riding style, which ensures we cater to a variety of rider types. Whether your preference is riding two up or solo, Legend has added adjustable pre-load for easy rider setup when adjusting between rider’s weights and loads.

The deflective disc-valved damping self-adjusts to frequency and ensures controlled performance that will ensure a smooth and controlled ride.

legend suspensions softail mono shoc

Available in Standard and Heavy-Duty Spring rate options and Black Type Ill hard coat anodize, the Revo-A Mono Coil Shock fits 2018-2023 Harley Davidson Softail models.

Check the new Softail monoshocks out for yourself here.

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