New Feuling Vented Dipstick Fitments

Since Feuling released the vented dipstick in 2019 it has become one of the most popular oil tank venting options in the industry. It tackles the issue of cylinder blow by caused by spiked crank case pressure in both Twin Cam and Milwaukee 8 model Harley-Davidson engines. The vented dipstick helps riders get the best out of their motorcycle. After hearing the community of riders longing for venting options for some of the earlier model Harleys out there, Feuling ponied up and delivered.

Our new vented dipstick now fits early model Harley-Davidson Twin Cam Dynas (’99-’05), Twin Cam Baggers (’99-’06), as well as EVO Touring models (’93-’98). This new dipstick comes with all the features that have defined its success in previous models. However, it also packs a few key upgrades tailored to its respective fitments. Among them, a 3 O-ring design to help with sealing in the push in style dipstick cavity, and 1 1/8 inch flats on the dipstick head to safely remove the cap from the body. It also features the same two venting options seen in previous dipstick models. Namely, the atmospheric porous filter fitting as well as the hose and externally mounted filer element.

feuling parts dipstick for harley davidson twin cam and evo

Find the right dipstick for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle here.

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