OG M8 Softail Pull Back Plate from Original Garage Moto – A Game Changer for M8 Softail Rider Comfort!

What’s up, Softail fans! We’re excited to let you know about the latest gear to hit the shelves at Original Garage Moto — the OG M8 Softail Pull Back Plate. Made just for your 2018 and newer M8 Softails, this new hard part is here to up your riding game by boosting comfort and giving you better control than ever.

Tired of stretching to reach your handlebars? We’ve got you covered. The OG M8 Softail Pull Back Plate brings your handlebars 3 inches closer, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride without the stretch. Say goodbye to sore arms and hello to longer, more comfortable rides.

Original Garage Moto

Why You’ll Love the OG M8 Softail Pull-Back Plate:

More Comfort: Adds an extra 1.25 inches of height and pulls your bars 3 inches back towards you.

Top-Notch Quality: Crafted from CNC machined 6061 T6 Aluminum, this plate is built to last and fits like a glove.

Style It Your Way: Choose from Black, Aluminium Machined Finish, or Chrome to match your ride’s vibe.

Perfect Fit: Designed for all 2018 and newer M8 Softail models.

All-In-One Kit: Comes with everything you need for a hassle-free installation, including solid aluminum bushings and graded hardware.

Original Garage Moto

For the best setup, don’t forget to grab their OG Polyurethane Riser Bushings. Thinking about taller risers? Consider getting a speedometer extension harness and a +2” clutch cable to round out your new setup.

“Our new OG M8 Softail Pull Back Plate is all about meeting your needs and boosting your comfort on the road,” says Sam, CEO of Original Garage Moto. “We’re stoked to bring you a product that not only looks sleek but also makes your rides smoother.”

You can snag your own OG M8 Softail Pull Back Plate today at Original Garage Moto or through your trusted dealers.

Want more info? Hit up the Original Garage Moto website.

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