Original Garage Moto Billet Clutch & Brake Perch Clamps

Original Garage Moto is excited to reaffirm the distinguished status of our OG Billet Clutch & Brake Perch Clamps, a product that has consistently captivated motorcycle enthusiasts with its unparalleled style. Precision-engineered for riders who seek the apex of aesthetics, these clamps are now available in an expanded selection of finishes to complement any motorcycle’s design.

Crafted from premium billet aluminum for unmatched strength and durability, these clamps stand out with their sleek, minimalist design and user-friendly installation. The collection now boasts 8 anodized finishes, including the newly introduced ST Bronze, alongside 3 different chrome finishes—highlighted by the exclusive Wicked Black Chrome and opulent Gold Plating options.

Original Garage Moto

This range of finishes not only enhances the visual appeal of your motorcycle but also allows for a personalized touch that reflects the rider’s style. The OG Billet Clutch & Brake Perch Clamps are not merely accessories; they are a declaration of sophistication and precision engineering, aimed to gather the attention of the eyes that cross their path.

Act now to discover how these meticulously designed clamps can transform your motorcycle, offering both a refined look and a superior ride.

Original Garage Moto

For more information, visit Original Garage Moto’s website

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