Palkie’s “Buck Wild” Dyna

Words: Jeff G. Holt Photos: Subias Photo

Yes, the wheelie and panel painted Dyna thing is all the rage as of now, but there was a time when a dude 12-o’clocking it down the road on a two-wheeled rainbow would stop you in your tracks.
Jeff “Palkie” Palkiewicz is one of the forefathers of Harley wheelies and that fact has garnered him a spot as one of Unknown Industries riders. Jeff is also a Helicopter pilot, a new dad, and an all around great fucking guy.
As you know these bikes take a beating. so when Palkie pulled this machine apart for maintenance he handed the tins of the none other than Michael “But Wild” Ramirez for an all out assault of quality color. Buck grew up in the So Cal Lowrider car scene and cut his teeth on some of the most firme’ low lows that have cruised the Los Angeles city streets. Buck has also worked on some of the most intricate paneled and hand painted motorcycles the world has ever seen for the likes of dirtbags and film/TV/rock stars alike. Buck has also painted many of my personal bikes and I personally consider him one of the best to ever pick up a paint gun and a .00 Mack brush.
This bike is a lot for the eyes to handle at first, but under further scrutiny the sheer magnitude of the immense paint details and quality of construction will have you wanting to see more of it.  Hell, even the 5-0 wanted a closer look when Ed Subias was out shooting it.


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