JIMS ForceFlow cylinder head cooler for M8

The trusted JIMS ForceFlow is now available for Milwaukee-Eight Touring models. This smooth, streamline design will keep your V-Twin running cooler on those hot summer days in stop and go traffic. The JIMS R&D team has come up with a way to drop your head temps by as much as 100 degrees! The JIMS ForceFlow (Part No. 5468 for Black, 5469 for Chrome) mounts from your original horn location, and has its own horn assembled inside. The cooling fan can be regulated by a thermostat or switched to be controlled manually. This kit is highly recommended for performance engines. The complete kit (starting at $445.75) comes with a high powered fan, housing, thermostat, horn, all hardware, and all wiring. For more information please visit www.jimsusa.com.

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