Race Tech’s Softail Shock

Race Tech has been making some superior suspension for over 30 years in the off-road game and almost 20 in the V-Twin realm. They are 100-percent madden the USA and just like all of their other H-D shocks, Race Tech makes every one of their shocks to order and to your specs.

They have now debuted their shocks for 2018+ Softail models. Race Tech makes this mono shock  with a ton of options such as adjustable ride height, a hydraulic preload adjuster, and rebound damping adjustment. They also will make them for you custom in any length and will fine tune them for your exact riding style. If you ride two-up or not they can also factor that into the shock’s design as well.

The shock starts at $799 and up depending on added options.

For more info hit them up at: www.racetech.com



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