RIDER: Cody Rimmel’s 1988 FXRS-SP

I had found this bike one night about 12 hours away from me. The only thing I had to go on was a shitty cell phone picture. I called and called and then finally got a nice old man on the phone and thought, this can’t be right. I said to him “i’m calling about that old Harley you have posted.” he said. Ya, I had my neighbors daughter post that for me. Long story short, I asked some questions and really trusted his word. I loaded up and in about 2 hours from that phone call and rolled out. When I showed up to meet the guy at his house to find out he was a retired State Trooper and that he was a bike cop for most of his career. He was a super nice guy and he walked us through his house into his temperature-controlled shop to show us the bike.  When he took the cover off of it, I was blown away. He said ya, I only ride it on Friday mornings to get coffee with the boys.  He pulled the choke and it fired on the first hit. Then I got the story from the guy of how and why the bike was the way it was. The bike had been bought years ago and he had it rebuilt at his local Harley dealer in Memphis, Tennessee back in 2007. He had only put 2600 miles on that bike in that 11 years.  I called to confirm the work done way back then from the dealer to find out it had a brand new carb, all bearings and lines, pistons, rings, jugs and all new seals. The bike has 27,000 original miles. Then part two of the story came out. He had bought the bike years ago from a friend of his who was slowly dying from an illness and really just wanted his old bike to be brought back to life and taken care of. He owned the bike for 27 years after that. We talked with the local dealer and have had trouble tracking down colors

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