RIDER: Russell Hoaglin’s 1999 FXR2

I bought this bike about three years ago from a guy in Omaha, Nebraska. It had a set of 20-inch fat ape hangers, a long Softail rear fender, a Wide Glide frontend, a set of janky forward controls, and to top it all off a 21-inch wheel on the front of it. After about a year I got tired of my FXR riding like a dump truck, so I set out to change just a few little things as I went along riding it. Well, one thing led to another as they do with custom motorcycles. Instead of just doing a cam swap in the old 80-inch, I ended up putting a whole new motor in it. While the motor was out I though to myself “might as well yank the whole wiring and re-powdercoat the frame.” Then it was “I have went this far, so I might as well make it a narrow-glide again.” Long story short, what began as a cam swap one winter turned into a 100% total rebuild of the bike you see here. I did a ton of work to it myself, but I also couldn’t have done all this without help from Clint Padgett out at Big Boar Cycle’s in Burlingame Kansas.

Spec Sheet

Owner- Russell W Hoaglin II

Year- 1999

Make- Harley Davidson

Model- FXR2


Year- 2014

Type- Ultima Evo

Size- 120 CI


Year- Stock

Type- H-D 5-Speed


Year/Type- Stock

Rake/Stretch- Stock


Frontend- Racetech Gold Valves, Speed Merchant Preload Adjusters

Rear Shocks- 14″ Legend Revo


Brand- Michelin Commander II

Size- Stock

Calipers- Harley Brembo Fronts, Stock rear




Painter- Jason McCoskey

Polishing- Elite Polishing 

Powdercoating- OPC Custom Powder Coating


Fairing- JD Fabrication’s

Front Fender- Stock

Rear Fender- Stock

Gas Tank- Stock

Dash- Stock

Gauges – Stock

Handlebars- Biltwell 14″ Tyson Bars

Grips- Stock

Mirrors- Stock

Hand Controls- Stock

Pegs- Burly MX Pegs

Headlight- Rivera Primo Phase 2 7″ LED

Taillight -Custom Dynamics 

Turn Signals- Integrated in head and brake light

Seat- Drag Specialties Predator

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