Rockford Fosgate: New Harley-Davidson Kits

Rockford Fosgate just let loose the new M5 kits for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. And they pack an 800-Watt, IPX6 rated power amplifier, designed for efficient, high-power output.

The company’s proprietary Class-AD design conserves current consumption, while the patented Constant Power technology helps to deliver dynamic output when needed.

Powered by the manufacturer’s M5 amplifiers, these systems are designed to deliver unrelenting performance. Purpose-built for select 1998 to 2013 models and 2014 and newer bikes, these kits are the next step in motorcycle performance. They are the loudest and clearest motorcycle audio systems we’ve created. Featuring simple plug-and-play installation and paired with freeway speed output creating the best in class on bike audio experience.

Find the right Rockford Fosgate Harley-Davidson kit for your ride.

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