The John Wigent-Built FXDB-R

It’s not often you get lucky enough to be the first and only person to work on a bike since it was new. In this case, I was.  From day one Dalton Rikansrud, the bike owner, and I hit it off. We both share the brotherhood of being United States Marines, so maybe that’s where the closeness comes from. Like most Harley owners, Dalton started upgrading his bike with cams, an exhaust, big bore kit, and a tuner. These first upgrades fueled many late-night conversations and the desire for more performance. Since I’ve been in the motorcycle industry for close to 8 years I was able to guide him to the best performing parts.

This eventually led to the monster you see pictured. The overall goal on this bike was to eliminate as much rotating mass as possible, while maintaining strength and dependability. Roughly 40lbs of rotating mass was stripped from the Street Bob by lightening the crankshaft (thanks to DarkHorse Crankworks), eliminating the compensator, using a forged clutched basket, titanium hardware on all rotating components, and lastly those BST carbon fiber wheels.    

During the planning process, Dalton told me he wanted a canyon carver that also could be a daily rider and have enough power to bend the handlebars when the throttle gets snapped wide open. At this time I was heavy into the Buell XBRR platform, so I got a lot of inspiration from that bike. Lucky for us there are tons of badass performance parts on the market today and from my past experience building some rippers I knew where to go for the best proven performance parts. For this build I wanted to stick with OG companies like Race Tech, Saddlemans, S&S Cycle, and Wood Performance. Using this combination of parts is really what makes this particular bike ride and handle so insanely.

The day came when Dalton gave me the go-ahead to start ordering parts. Even though he was on deployment at the time, a fat stack of cash was deposited in my account and it was on. For the motor build we wanted maximum power while maintaining reliability.  So we sent the bottom end out to Darkhorse Crankworks to get the royal treatment. The  heads got sent out to none other than FuelMoto to get CNC-ported, and a Horsepower Inc. throttle body was ordered to take full advantage of the newly ported heads. For the suspension we went with the best in the business Race Tech. After this bike went together and I hit up my usual canyon roads I honestly don’t have words to describe how amazing this suspension performs. Using the made-to-order RaceTech G6 frontend opened up a plethora of choices for braking and wheel options. Since this bike was going to be a rocket it needed to slow to a stop just as good as it got up to speed. To make this happen we used a hayabusa front hub and ran massive 330mm rotors with radial mounted calipers. The last component was the carbon fiber BST wheels with ceramic bearings. Just this upgrade alone lightens the rotating mass by over 20 lbs making this bike handle more like a street bike and less like a Harley-Davidson.

Eight months later and a lot of blood and sweat, the bike was finally finished. From the very first shakedown ride I felt like I had my legs wrapped around a fucking feather with 120hp. The bike handles like it a JATO rocket on rails and if you get a little greedy with the throttle exiting a turn, the front end will gladly lift towards the sky. You can literally chop the throttle in first or second gear and the bike will hang the front wheel in the air as high as you would like. This FXDB-R is insanely fun to ride and is clean as fresh pair of creased Dickies. I’d like to thank Dalton for trusting me with his bike build, Travis at FuelMoto for sharing knowledge with me, Louie at RaceTech for getting the suspension dialed, Aaron at K-Tech Fabrication for handling the machining, Motorcycle Dynamic Racing for the great machining, and lastly Crown Performance for the bitch’n brake lines.  Hit me up if you need a clean and mean a bike built.      

Spec Sheet

Owner- Dalton Rikansrud

Shop- John Wigent Engr.

Shop Phone- 619 565-5564

Website-IG @johnwigentengr

Year/Make/Model-2016 Harley-Davidson FXDB-R

Fabrication- Light Machining 

Build Time- 8 months



Type-Twin Cam


Builder- John Wigent/Darkhorse Crankworks

Cases- H-D

Crankshaft- Darkhorse Crankworks: lightened, balanced, pro-plugged, H-beam rods and Timken conversion

Cylinders- Fuel Moto Extreme Duty Cylinders and Carrillo Pistons

Heads- Fuel Moto CNC-ported

Rocker Boxes- H-D

Cams- Wood Performance Knight Prowler

Throttle Body- HPI 55mm w/ 5.3gps Injectors

Air Cleaner- Arlen Ness

EFI Controller- Thundermax

Exhaust- D&D FatCat


Year- 2016

Type- 6-Speed

Gears- H-D

Clutch- Evolution Industries Diamond Terminator

Primary Drive- Evolution Industries Compensator Eliminator w/ 30tooth pulley 


Year/Type- 2016/H-D

Rake/Stretch- 29 degrees/none


Frontend- RaceTech G6

Length- Custom w/ bronze tubes

Triple Trees- Modified Brock’s Performance

Swingarm- H-D

Rear Shocks- Race Tech G3-S 



Builder/Size- BST Carbon Fiber 18×3”

Tire/Size- Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT 120/70-18

Calipers- Brembo M4 monoblock

Rotors- Braking 330mm w/ titanium hardware

Hub- ’08 Hayabusa


Builder/Size- BST Carbon Fiber 17×5.5” 

Tire/Size- Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT 190/55-17

Caliper- Brembo M4 monoblock

Rotor- Galfer Wave

Hub- H-D style

Sproket- 55 tooth


Paint Manufacturer- H-D

Colors- The right ones

Painter- H-D

Graphics- H-D

Plating- H-D

Polishing- Nah

Powdercoating- Very little


Fairing- Nope

Lowers- Too heavy

Front Fender- Carbon Fiber XR1200X

Rear Fender- H-D

Gas Tank- H-D

Dash- H-D

Gauges – H-D

Handlebars- Todd’s Cycle’s MotoBars

Risers- Todd’s Cycle 8-inchers

Grips- Roland Sands

Mirrors- Russ Wernimont Designs

Hand Controls- H-D

Foot Controls- H-D

Pegs- BungKing

Headlight- Moons MC

Taillight- Todd’s Cycle 

Turn Signals- Todd’s Cycle

License Mount- Kuryakan 

Seat- Saddleman

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