ThunderMax Oil Cooler Fan for 2017-Up Touring Harley-Davidsons

Thunder Heart Performance, the manufacturer of ThunderMax, has been applying engineering expertise to motorcycle electronic, mechanical, and hydraulic systems since 1995.

It is no secret that everyone wants their bikes to run cooler. Especially the oil cooled M8. The ThunderMax oil cooler fan is the answer to that problem.

The oil cooler is speed and temperature activated. The fan comes on automatically at 210 degrees when the motorcycle is under 20 MPH. This operation increases cooling efficiency by a reported 27%. 

 The oil cooler fan mounts directly behind the stock oil cooler and does not require the oil lines and oil cooler to be removed unlike other fans on the market. The fan assembly only takes 15 minutes to install.

The unit is completely plug-and-play with a ThunderMax ECM, just install, plug in the connector on the fan to the stock connector on the bike and you are ready to ride. If you have a stock ECM, you will need to have a “flash” done at your local dealer. 

For more information about the full line of ThunderMax products please visit:

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