Tucker Powersports Named Exclusive Distributor of Forcite Helmet 

Tucker Powersports today announced an exclusive distribution agreement with Forcite, the Australian maker of the Forcite MK1S. It’s a high-tech motorcycle helmet with an integrated action camera, and premium audio. It also features a patented, LED display for road alerts and navigation. Tucker will distribute the helmet to its dealer network in the United States as part of this multi-year agreement.  

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Developed over six years at a cost of $5.8 million, the Forcite MK1S helmet does away with the need for bulky clip-on cameras or headsets. It can also alert riders of upcoming dangers before they arrive.  Forcite launched its technology-heavy motorcycle helmet in Australia in 2020. Now they’re expanding to the UK and EU in Q4 of 2022. There are currently over 2000 Forcite helmets in use in Australia.  

Forcite Foresight

Co-Founders and motorcyclists Alfred Boyadgis and Julian Chow designed the helmet. They collaborated on R&D with riders, capturing thousands of points of on-road feedback. The helmet uses a patented, rider alert system and LED display. It delivers information that improves the motorcycle riding experience. It does so thanks to high-quality audio, instructions to ease navigation, and road hazard alerts.  

“We are constantly seeking partners and products that enhance the adventure of riding a motorcycle,” said Tucker President and CEO Marc McAllister. “Forcite is clearly focused on that riding experience and on the future of our favorite pastime.”   

“We’ve created a motorcycle helmet that looks slick, and also packs a punch with cool features that lift the riding experience,” said Alfred Boyadgis, co-founder of Forcite. “This new partnership with Tucker Powersports promises to deliver as both companies look to the future of what’s possible in the motorcycle category.”  

The features of the Forcite MK1S are unmatched in the motorcycle helmet market and operate as a system (helmet, built-in electronics and a related Forcite app) to provide an engaged and connected riding experience.    

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The stylish helmet shell is hand-laid carbon fiber which has tremendous strength and makes the Forcite MK1S the lightest smart helmet on the market. It includes an eight-vent system for optimized airflow and meets ECE and DOT testing standards.   

May the Forcite be with You

The Forcite helmets deliver road alerts and navigation through a unique, in-helmet LED display and audio cues which communicate navigation maneuvers, live traffic alerts, speed traps, road hazards and traffic enforcement. Positioned at the bottom of the visor, the in-helmet display allows riders to keep their eyes up and focused on the road ahead.  

The Forcite MK1S also features high-end, in-helmet audio powered by removable, 40mm Harman Kardon speakers. The company integrated them into the helmet’s interior design. They also paired the speaker system with two omni-directional microphones. Those are tuned for vocal clarity and wind reduction, allowing riders to take calls and create “voice over” video.   

A built-in action camera offers HD 1080P resolution and automatically adjusts for low-light and night-time filming.  

The helmet’s face shield is a Pinlock 120 anti-fog shield and includes a quick release as well as a locking switch for track and high-speed use. The company made the padding from 3D-formed foam with a contoured fit and cheek pads. A special neck roll design with a chin curtain reduces wind noise and results in even better audio quality.  

The Forcite MK1S will be available through Tucker Powersports in early 2023. Suggested retail price for the black, full-face helmet is $1099.  

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