V-Twin Visionary Thrashin’ Supply Co glove review

Our main man Jeff G. Holt is a self-professed glove hater. He has spent years trying to find the right motorcycle gloves that aren’t too thick or too thin. Jeff found our about these gloves when Thrashin’ Supply released them a few years back and he has been riding these gloves for tens of thousands of miles with good results. The full line of Thrashin’ Supply Company gloves offer a high-dexterity synthetic palm, a Velcro Cuff,  Touch Screen Capable Fingers for phone operation while wearing gloves,  an ingenious 4-Way stretch material on top of Hand and a Seamless Synthetic Palm Design Provide Maximum Durability, and a seamless synthetic palm design that provides great durability. for more info about the complete line of gloves and accessories from Thrashin’ Supply hit them up at: www.thrashinsupply.com

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