Biltwell Inc Espinoza Leather Vests

When Biltwell Inc thinks vests, they think Espinoza’s Leather. That’s not a huge shock, though. Born in Southern California, this shop has been pushing some of the best leather and denim riding gear for years. So when Biltwell decided it was time for another run of vests, they knew who to call.

They had Pawel Swanski design the interior liner. Biltwell Inc also worked hand-in-hand with the crew at Espinoza’s to throw some features at it that the shop finds useful for riding. Among them, a two-way zipper to make riding more comfortable and a hidden pocket in the liner.

They also carry leather trim on the 14oz. black canvas. Those are just a few of things that make this vest great for both long trips or Saturday rides with your friends. Check out these here vests on the website.

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