Brock’s V-Twin Bitubo WMEo rear shocks

Never heard of Bitubo? They were founded in 1963 in Italy and started off by creating damping systems for all sorts of private and industrial uses. However in 1975, Bitubo became well known for pairs of shock absorbers connected by two compensating rubber pipes – hence the name Bitubo. As a result, many of the greatest champions in Super Bike and Moto GP have won with Bitubo WMEo rear shocks.

Bitubo WMEo rear shocks

Bitubo enjoys a long-standing relationship with Brock Davidson of Brock’s Performance in the high-horsepower street bike scene. And the two companies provide American riders with some real-deal Italian performance suspension for their H-D motorycles.

These $469 monotube shocks are constructed using a single outer tube with a larger active piston, which aids in more consistent damping. The oil and gas are separated by a free floating piston which puts the oil on the top and Nitrogen gas on the bottom of the alloy steel shock body with a CNC machined billet aluminum head.

They’revailable in both chrome and black for many Harley-Davidson models. Bitubo WMEo rear shocks allow a remarkable overall improvement over the factory shocks as well as improved handling at higher speed, higher loads, and variable terrain. The WMEo shock also features easy adjustability via manual spring preload and hydraulic rebound. For more information hit up Brock’s Performance.

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