Feuling Brings Road Glide to King of the Baggers

Feuling gots themselves a Harley-Davidson Road Glide they’re racing at Laguna Seca for King of the Baggers. We’ve covered the two Indian Challengers that RSD and S&S are bringing to bear at the track. Until now, the H-D contenders have been kinda quiet in the press release department, though, so it’s good to hear what Feuling is doing.

They are race ready for the Moto America bagger battle with Ben Bostrom piloting the beast. And you can check it out live.

This bike was built completely in house by the Feuling crew. Engine building, porting, exhaust, power development, tuning, fabrication, and bike building including the new Feuling ‘BA’ Air Cleaner.

feuling exhaust

And check out the exhaust. It packs a custom Feuling Anti-Reversion chamber (Patent # US 4206600 A and 6336471 B1), stepped head pipe with 1 3/4-inch into the AR Chamber stepped to 2-inch, performance transitional merge collector (Patent # 4,796,426) with 2 3/4-inch exit. Additionally, it also has a removable perforated stepped muffler baffle with Feuling dogball insert (Patent #5,173,576), wrapped with stainless mat then fiberglass packing, finished with a highflow stainless end cap tapered on the inside for optimal flow and sound.

feuling road glide

Feuling Road Glide Specs

  • Feuling Parts – 592 Race Series camchest kit, Highload Beehive valve spring kit, 6.1 g/s injectors, O2 sensors, air cleaner, anti-reversion exhaust system, vented dipstick
  • Saddlemen – Seat
  • Thrashin Supply – risers, handlebars, foot pegs, shifter tip
  • Legend Suspensions – front and rear suspension
  • Barnett Clutches – Scorpion clutch
  • Slyfox – Triple Trees, front fender, side covers
  • Speed Merchant – mid controls
  • Alloy Art – stabilizer, shift linkage, fork lowers, caliper mounts
  • Klock Werks – windshield
  • Horse Power Inc – throttle body
  • Lyndal Brakes – brake pads, wheels, rotors
  • Dunlop – Tires
  • RK Excel – Drive Chain
  • PBI – Transmission sprocket
  • Dark Horse – compensator
  • Baker Drivetrain – Transmission main bearing

Sounds like a recipe for greatness. We’ll see how the race goes.

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