Firebrand 2-1 Conversion Kits for 2017-2019 Harley-Davidson Touring Models

Firebrand Design recently released its new 2-1 Conversion Kits for Milwaukee-8 equipped Harley-Davidson Touring Models. Designed to fit with either the stock Harley header or Firebrand’s Smoothbore Header, the 2-1 Conversion Kits block the crossover at the collector to create a full 2-1 headpipe. This not only allows for the elimination of the left hand muffler, but gives your bike the added performance and awesome sound of a complete 2-into-1 system. And by not requiring the purchase of a full header, the 2-1 Conversion Kits retail for hundreds less than any full 2-1 system.

Firebrand’s conversion kits are available as either a stand alone plug kit, or in combination with a Loose Cannon or Grand Prix slip-on. Like all Firebrand products, the 2-1 Conversion Kits are manufactured in the USA, and available online or through your local HardDrive supplied dealer.

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