JIMS Forceflow for Milwaukee-Eight Softails

The new Milwaukee-Eight Softail motorcycles utilize the center motor mount location to mount the coil. In order to install a JIMS Forceflow on these motorcycles, it was necessary to re-locate the coil. JIMS has developed a turnkey coil relocation system to move the coil to the front of the motorcycle inconspicuously tucked underneath the neck of the bike, in-between the frame tubes. This new mounting system allows the JIMS Forceflow to be installed on all Milwaukee-Eight Softail motorcycles.

JIMS Milwaukee Eight forceflow
The JIMS Forceflow has a smooth, streamlined design that will keep your engine running cooler on those hot summer days, or in stop and go traffic.

This proven cooling system drops your cylinder head temperature by as much as 100 degrees. The cooling fan can be controlled manually or it can be regulated by a thermostat that monitors head temperature and activates the fan when the engine temperature rises. This kit is highly recommended for performance engines to help extend engine life. This complete bolt in kit includes the high powered fan, housing with incorporated horn, thermostat, coil relocation kit with plug wires, all necessary hardware, wiring, and detailed instructions. This kit comes in Hog Black (Part No.5470) with an MSRP of $565, as well as Chrome (Part No.5471) for an MSRP of $595. For more information please contact JIMS (805) 482-6913 or visit the JIMS Machine website.

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