Leading Edge’s 151ci kit for Milwaukee Eight

Arizona motor builder Leading Edge is proud to present major horsepower and torque to the Milwaukee Eight engine. This performance kit increases a stock M8 engine’s torque and horsepower by over 60 percent. It runs on pump gas at 11:1 compression making it a big-inch motor upgrade that provides both consistent and dependable naturally-aspirated horsepower as well as massive amounts of torque.

This kit will fit in a factory H-D Milwaukee Eight cases once modified.

The Leading Edge 151 kit comes complete with a balanced crank allowing the factory balancer assembly to be eliminated. The kit also comes complete with a Timken bearing conversion, proprietary H-beam rods, pistons, and cylinders, a performance oil pump and cam plate, performance valve springs and tappets. Options also include your choice of a “horsepower” or “torque” style cam to fit your personal taste and riding style.


About Leading Edge V-Twin:

Leading Edge V-Twin offers full service engine and transmission upgrades for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Taking from over 30 years of race proven performance in NASCAR, Mike Ege and his team build reliable, high horsepower engines and upgrade kits that are unmatched.

Leading Edge V-Twin knows that with any budget even the smallest details matter. From the time air and fuel enter the engine, to when the exhaust fumes leave Leading Edge V-Twin’s engine kits are performing at the highest level.

With our current components, kits, and performance accessories Leading Edge V-Twin guarantees that the same details that go into it’s race winning UTV, auto, and race truck engines are in every one of our customer’s power plants.

For more information visit: www.leadingedge-vtwin.com or #leadingedgehp


The Leading Edge V-Twin team:

Mike EGE is one of the founding partners of LEADING EdGE High Performance Racing Engines and Leading Edge V-Twin. Mr. EGE Brings 30+ years of NASCAR Race winning experience to V-Twin Engines. Mike is an engine builder and circle track racer who, over the last three decades, has established himself working amongst the greats such as Kenny Bernstein, Roger Penske, Rusty Wallace, Robert Yates, and Richard Petty. His strategy is simple: work smart, work hard, and build the right team.

Danny Wilson aka the Motor Witch is a Harley-Davidson trained master technician. Mr Wilson has taken all his various education and has applied it to real-world high-horsepower engine building techniques. Danny has traveled the globe both independently as well as being employed as Harley-Davidson the Technical and Management Trainer covering Southeast Asia. Being employed as H-D’s Emerging Markets Specialist, Danny has taught both the basics and advanced segments of V-twin motor building/modification to hundreds of Harley techs the world over.


LE Engine Facts:

  • The LE 151 kit has 3-less moving parts on a Bagger version of the M8 engine.
  • The LE 151 kit has 6 less moving parts on Softail version of the M8 engine.
  • By removing the stock balancer The LE 151 motor kit accelerates much faster. This is due to LE having a perfectly balanced crank.
  • The LE 151 kit also has less mechanical loss of power over stock due to the inherent lessoning of reciprocating weight.
  • Less oil stays in the crank case with the LE 151 kit due to the oil not being constantly aerated by the OEM balancer.
  • Since there here are no bearings in the rotating assembly and no balancer, the LE 151 kit has a much less chance of failure over time.
  • The LE 151 kit also converts the output main bearing to more dependable Timken bearing instead of the standard OEM roller bearing.
  • The technical redesign of the cylinder fins along with a proprietary exhaust valve technology has also allowed LE to remove the cumbersome stock upper oil cooling lines that lead into the cylinder heads.
  • On average, the case temperature is down a total of 22-degrees over the stock configured M8 motor.
  • Each cylinder of the 151ci LE motor has 37cc’s more than a 1200 sportster motor’s total number of cc’s.

For More info: www.leadingedge-vtwin.com or @leadingedgehp


NOTE: We will be riding one of these and will have a full report soon.

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