Lock Baker’s Red Asphalt

Eastern Fabrications was started in 1996 to serve as a basis for Lock Bakers motorcycle craft and manufacture. To date, Lock has built 18 completely hand made motorcycles ranging from Hot-rodded Harleys to Ducati powered street bikes and even handmade proprietary engines. Lock has always been a chopper builder at heart, and even his latest bike featured here was built as a chopper, albeit a very high tech one. Ride-ability is Locks secret weapon in the bike industry, and the aspect that he is proudest of in all of his builds. “I want my bikes to function, and by function I mean day after day, mile after mile, like a factory vehicle does. At the same time, what you are riding is a completely handmade jewel”

“Red Asphalt” is Lock’s latest. The spec sheet lets you know that this is not a motorcycle for the faint of heart in any way. The bike is wrapped around the most powerful pushrod engine ever made for a motorcycle- a liquid cooled 100” V-4 developed by K-tech and Motus Motorcycles in Birmingham, AL. Take a look at a stock Motus and you find a sport-touring bike with all the bells and whistles. Lock wanted to strip it down to its essence- the motor. Every single component from the frame and swingarm,  fuel tank, seat, axles, risers, spacers, wiring, plumbing, welding, finishing, and wiring was done by Lock.  The geometry reflects locks chopper mentality, and features a 62 inch wheelbase, extremely low and rearward seat position, and tall bars. Mid controls are directly beneath the rider.  This provides a very upright yet strong body position with great field of vision and a flat back. The coating is Cerakote, a coating designed originally for firearms. It is extremely thin, durable, and heat-resistant. Color is “graphite black”. Many of the smaller components were polished and media tumbled, and some polishing with directional brushing.

Eastern Fabrications is currently located in downtown Los Angels, CA. And visitation by appointment only.

Spec Sheet:

Shop- Efab

Web- www.Easternfabrications.com

Year/make/model- 2018/Efab chopper/Red Asphalt

Fabrication- Lock Baker with help from Ryan Boyd, Alex Lerner, Shane Mcmullen, and Thomas Vaeretti

Built time- 3 years


Year- 2016

Type- Motus MSTR

Size- 100”

Builder- Motus

Cases- Motus aluminum

Cylinders- Motus aluminum with iron liners

Heads- Motus, 2 valves per cylinder, single plug

Rocker boxes- Shane Mcmullen

Cam- Motus, hydraulic roller

Throttle body- Motus/Bosch quad bore downdraft with port injection

Air Cleaner- K&N

EFI controller- Bosch

Exhaust- Efab 321 stainless


Year- 2016

Type- Motus 6-speed

Gears- helical

Clutch- Motus multiplate wet

Primary drive- shaft with shock trap


Year/type- Efab handmade 4130 steel

Rake/stretch- Proprietary geometry, 25 degree neck/ 3” trail


Frontend- Ohlins NIX 30 legs, Efab titanium axle

Length- Stock Efab

Tripple trees- Efab/Boyd

Swingarm- Efab

Rear shocks- Race Tech

Rolling stock:

Front wheel

Builder/size- BST 19”

Tire size- 100/90-19

Calipers- Brembo x 2

Rotors- Suzuki

Drum- NA

Rear wheel

Builder/size-BST 17”

Tire size- 180/60-17

Caliper- Brembo

Rotor- Suzuki



Sprocket- Superlight

Paint and plating:

Paint manufacturer- Cerakote

Colors used- N/A

Painter- N/A

Graphics- N/A


Polishing- Efab

Powdercoationg- N/A


Fairing- NA

Lowers- NA

Front fender- NA

Rear fender- Efab

Gas tank- Efab

Dash- Efab

Gauges- Efab/Motogadget

Handlebars- Pro-Taper

Grips- Renthal


Hand controls- Dunhill/ Brembo

Foot controls- Efab

Pegs- Efab

Headlight- HD dyna

Tailight- Alex Lerner

License mount- Efab

Seat- Efab

Custom accessories/features:

Its a load-bearing engine with 180 HP/126 foot pounds of torque @ 7000 rpm. It weighs in at 500 pounds wetland has a 110 mile range @ 80mph with a top speed of 170 mph with stock gearing.

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