Questioned: Mike Beland

Place:  A 1 CYCLES INC.   Handle:  @A1mike   URL

What do you do for money?

I own and run an H-D machine shop that build custom bikes and restores old bikes. I also weld, finger paint and generally goof off! And I build and race Top Fuel drag racing motorcycles. 

How did you get into motorcycles?

I always have been I guess. I cant remember a time in my life when I didn’t have a motorcycle.

What was your first motorcycle?

It was a Honda 50cc.

What do you currently ride?

I currently roll a pretty crazy H-D FXR. FXR por vidahomie!

What is your all-time favorite motorcycle?

It really would be a split between an H-D FXR and a Pre-War Indian 4

What attracted you to motorcycles?

The sound and feeling when riding. And later the fact that a person can fit five  bikes where one car could fit.

What do you like about riding motorcycles?

They have “bad nasty speed” -Reese Bobby

How have motorcycles changed your life?

I like that I have friends around the world and a place to eat or sleep anywhere in our great country due to motorcycles. I has for sure widened my circle of friendship.

Who or what have you gained inspiration from?

Aaron Greene, Jay Turner, Darryl Bassani, Ron Finch, Jesse James , Westbury, Jesse Jurrens, Matt Hotch, and of course the Godfather Arlen Ness.

What has changed your life for the better?

Not much really. A am just a positive person and try to always see the good side in life.

What has changed your life for the worse?

I dont dwell on that stuff man. It truly is hard to bring me down

Any other statements or slander you would like the world to know?

I live eat and breathe top fuel H-D motorcycles. Riding, tuning , servicing. I truly love the whole scene. The nasty mean top level stuff is just insane. I am proud to ride them and be around the men that race and repair them.

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