No More Dyna Wobble With The Wedge Faring

Cruising down the Blue Ridge Parkway, Route 66, or Pacific Coast Highway 1 overlooking the placid blue ocean and smelling the salt waves. Maybe you’re thinking, “Yeah, but I ride a Dyna. I love it, but I can only go 100, maybe 200 miles if I’m feeling frisky. Long rides on my Dyna are never gonna happen.”  If you think these epic rides are only for people on Road Glides and other big touring bikes… let us be the bearers of good news!

Wedge Fairing makes a frame-mounted fairing that turns a Dyna into a touring bike. All the comfort and stability of a big touring bike, none of the bulk and exorbitant expense. 

If you already own a Dyna, you probably love it for its style, agility, and versatility. But maybe even the idea of a long distance ride leaves you with an aching back, neck… and a desperate need for a nap. 

It’s possible that you’ve already thought about, or even tried putting a fairing on your bike, but ended up wrestling the wind and the dreaded “wobble” that a fork mounted fairing has at high speeds. 

Wedge Fairing created a frame mounted fairing that fixes all that. Frame mounted means more stability and the precision engineering means there’s virtually no wobble at high speeds either. Designed from the ground up for mid-size bikes and tailored to the Dyna specifically with a triple tree cover that helps integrate the fairing to the bike. Wind protection, and no wobble.

Riders who have tried our fairing have said it’s a game changer:

“I have rode baggers before many times, so when I got on my bike for that first test ride, my bike had that same feel of the wind not trying to push you around on the bike just how the heavy baggers feel. But on the mid sized bikes you get both of the best worlds… rip down the freeway at 80 an 90 all day in total comfort, and easy an quick to park… performance and comfort all day.”

  • Robert

“I love the clean air bubble this fairing provides and being mounted to the frame there is no handlebar buffeting in the crosswinds like a bar-mounted windscreen, it makes long days in a saddle a pleasure. I couldn’t be happier…”

  • Jim Magnuson

Classic Dyna style, athleticism, and versatility with the long-distance comfort of a touring bike. So don’t trade in your Dyna for anything else… tailor it to make riding the joy it should be. 

Check out what a Wedge Fairing can do for a Dyna and many other mid-size

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