Saddlemen Low Rider S Step-Up TR Seat Review

Vtwinvisionary recently added a 2020 LowRider S to our test bike fleet. The stock factory bike is very impressive right out the factory. However, it still stands out with the need for a couple of immediate upgrades. The very first one we wanted to address was the seat.

harley low rider s stock seat
The stock, spongy saddle with no support had to go. Plus, there is no room for a passenger.

The Saddlemen Step-Up is the solution to quality, durability, comfort and keeping you in place. The bike has good power off the dealership floor, and you know we are going to add more to it!

saddlemen lowrider s custom seat
Support: check. Passenger cushion: also check.

Under heavy throttle, my flat ass starts to slide off the stock seat. Not the most secure feeling. The Step-up keeps the aggressive rider planted in place. I felt more secure and had much more control. I like to keep 2 wheels on the ground, but for all you wheelie fanatics this seat would be a must.

Global warming might be a thing. Here in Nashville TN we have had weather in the 60’s this January. I took advantage of the extended riding season and clicked off a 200-mile test run to see how it feels when I am planted on it for extended amount of time. Many aggressive styled seats lack comfort. Not this one, you can go the distance on the Step-Up. The Saddlemen GelCore Technology did its job. It is a vat of technical wizardry; progressive density foam and saddle gel, special seat pan design and more. It dampens any road shock. Seat suspension if you will.

saddlemen low rider s custom seat
You don’t usually hear the word “seat” included in what you would do for a performance upgrade, but you do now. It should be at the top for upgrades. Well worth it.

There are a bunch of choices to customize the seat to your liking; Brown, Black, Lattice Stich, Tuck&Roll and Gripper. Mix and match it, it is all up to you. Find out more on the Saddlemen Step-Up Seat and see if they carry one for your V-twin.

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