Sawicki Speed Announces Lifetime Exhaust Warranty

Sawicki Speed, makers of V-twin exhausts, says that all their exhaust products will be covered by a Lifetime Warranty.

Sawicki Speed

“When we went into our planning season for 2021, we were eager to find something that we could really dive into and generate some energy behind,” says Jason Bowne, Sawicki Speed’s President. “This idea of offering a lifetime warranty to our products came up and we kind of looked around the table and were like, that seems like a no-brainer; let’s do it!”

Sawicki Speed broke into the performance exhaust market more than a decade ago. Their products generally focused on the Harley-Davidson market. However, they’re releasing several exhaust systems for Indian Motorcycles this spring also.

“It is such an easy decision for us because we just have so much faith in the quality of the components that we build.  We are still fabricating all our products by hand here in the U.S., by American fabricators, using only 100% stainless steel construction,” Bowne says. “There’s no bait and switch with us; no ‘U.S. company manufactured in Mexico games’, and even our ceramic coated pipes are 100% stainless construction, not cheap mild steel hiding behind a black pipe.”

Where to Get Sawicki Speed Products

Sawicki Speed is currently distributed by Western Power Sports under their HardDrive Vtwin brand.  Says [Gunnar Heinemeyer, Brand Manager] for HardDrive, “Sawicki Speed manufactures a pretty unique product line that checks the performance box today’s riders are seeking. It also balances being versatile enough to straddle tough and gnarly with aesthetics that really lend themselves to many different build styles.” 

Bowne says a strict priority for the company is asserting dealer and customer service at the forefront of their mission.  “Growth caused a few rough patches for us. But we’ve instituted a lot of changes to our operation and invested heavily in R&D to ensure we are providing even better products than before.  That’s why we’re so confident in offering a warranty on exhaust systems which, historically, have not been a terribly customer friendly experience.  We recognize our customers work hard to be able to outfit their bikes.  Our hope is that customers see how hard we work for them.”

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