S&S Cycle Big Bore Kits for CVO M8 engines

Best of the best is the credo of the Harley-Davidson CVO owner and the folks at S&S Cycle absolutely get it. In fact they are the only company to build a big bore kit and color match it to the unique Black Granite engines of these mighty beasts. Recently released, their giant bore kit for the 114- and 117-inch CVO models pushes the cubic inches to 132. That’s well over 2000cc for you metric folks.

s&s cycle harley cvo kit on bench

Married to one an S&S Cycle cam, their latest big bore kit nearly doubles the horsepower. 11:1 compression on pump gas and the stone reliable build quality that S&S is known for makes for the perfect combination of asphalt eating power and the long term reliability to get you far from home and back again.

No case mods, no engine removal; just a massive set of jugs, designed, tested, and manufactured here in the USA.  For more info and detailed specs, see the Harley-Davidson CVO kit here.

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