S&S Cycle M8 Flywheels for 2017+ Harley-Davidsons

S&S Cycle M8 Flywheels continue the company’s long tradition of high performance stroker cranks for Harley-Davidson iron. S&S has built stroker cranks since the 50s and has it down to an art.

s&s cycle m8 flywheels

Their latest efforts aim at the Milwaukee Eight platform. Namely, 2017 and newer models. Moreover, they open up a whole new level of performance for these engines. Stronger, more durable, and trued to exacting spec, the new flywheel assemblies are excellent to build your high performance engine around.

s&s cycle m8 flywheels

Using a heat-treated 4140 material, each assembly is harder and 114% stronger than factory parts. S&S designed the High Strength Connecting Rods using Finite Element Analysis. That’s how they eliminate weak spots and create a part that handles substantially more power. Available in 4.375-, 4.5- and 4.625-inch stroke,  each sports tapered or high strength full-width wrist pins. S&S Cycle M8 Flywheels are also available with or without the counterbalancer gear. We’re particularly interested in their 4.625-inch stroker crank and figure we could combine that with the S&S 128-inch Power Package and build a 131-inch monster!

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