Sweet Motorcycle Helmet Graphics from Arai Helmets

High-end protection is the name of Arai Helmets game. They make some of the most protective lids in the industry. So you’d think they’d offer some killer graphics to go with the protection and the fit. And you’d be right. Here are just some of the more popular options they’re giving riders this year.

Arai Helmets

Perhaps the most fabled name in the entire Arai lineup, the Corsair is one of the most advanced, highest quality helmets available anywhere in the world. The Corsair-X has certainly earned its place as the company’s flagship model. Here you see it with the Hayden Laguna graphics.

Arai Helmets

Groovy Brown Frost is just one of the vintage-y looks you’ll find for the Classic-V 3/4-face helmet.

Arai also offers the Corsair-X with Haga GP graphics, too.

Arai Helmets

Shown in Scoop Red, the brand new VX-Pro4 evolved from the much-loved VX-Pro3 model.

Just as in every Arai helmet, the basic and simple organic shell shape is based on the R75 shape concept.

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